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Joined: 2018/12/29
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RaG3: ah, yes ofc

RaG3: 30 people in 1 day chatting silly

Kaelthas: @rag3

Kaelthas: this not work?

RaG3: not working yet

RaG3: wich reminds me

RaG3: 1 min wink

RaG3: @Kaelthas works?

RaG3: hmz no

Kaelthas: no laugh

Kaelthas: @rag3

Kaelthas: ok man im off, have to go now, in half hour maybe dota smile))

RaG3: yeah can't play, im configuring internet

RaG3: also dota 2 team is waiting silly

Kaelthas: ok ok laugh

RaG3: im not playing dota 1 anymore, it's not interesting to me anymore

Kaelthas: letter are again bad

Kaelthas: letters*

RaG3: huh?

RaG3: didn't change anything lol

Pew: hi all noobs.

RaG3: Mimimi

justdiseased: Wait a sec, did you remove the time from the chat?

RaG3: yes i did

RaG3: shouldn't i?

justdiseased: I like the Information when it got written

RaG3: i see

ShaX: ey

Hakai: Someone here?

RaG3: helloes

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